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    Contract Window Cleaning

    We are a highly trained window cleaning company, experienced in the safe use of ladders, reach and wash and hydraulic platform vehicles (cherry pickers). We can access any building in a safe and controlled manner.

    We offer competitive and cost-effective window cleaning solutions to any high-rise building, including business premises and residential properties. We clean windows within the parts of buildings that could deem a safety risk, such as raised elevations, skylight, ledges, and parapets. This ensures absolute safety without compromising on the quality of our service.

    How We Carry Out Our Window Cleaning Service

    To carry out our service, we use a ‘reach and wash’ commercial window cleaning system. This consists of a 5-stage water treatment system and carbon fibre poles to carry 100% pure grade water to the windows or facade surface.

    Reach and Wash
    Reach and Wash

    Fast And Efficient. When using the method of reach and wash window cleaning, you are automatically using our fastest and most time-efficient method available. We clean windows of up to 80ft. Water-fed poles are perfect for cleaning windows at a height but without the risks of alternative methods as all the work is being carried out from ground level.

    Window frames & Panes
    Window frames & Panes

    All Access With No Height Restrictions. Our cherry picker window cleaning method that we use allows us to access hard to reach areas and heights, where our alternative methods are not sufficient. We have access to a variety of cherry pickers and MEWPs with a reach of up to 100m (300ft).

    Quality Control
    Quality Control

    We have 3 steps to ensure the work is completed to the correct standard:

    Step 1: Pre inspection
    Step 2: Spot check during the work
    Step 3: Final check before completion

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